Labor Force Structure

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Chailease see talent as the most valuable asset, we create a positive work environment in which employees can develop the practical skills and mindset needed for their work, and build a friendly, healthy, and happy workplace. There is no discrimination on any aspect of recruitment, selection, hiring, assignment, career development, remuneration and benefits, promotions, education & training, and retirement plans on the basis of gender, nationality, age, class. We are committed to assist employees to maintain work–life balance, providing competitive compensation system and useful benefits, realizing employee care, optimizing human resource management mechanism, and actively attracting and retaining quality talent.

Labor Force Structure

In 2020, Chailease Holding employed 7,079 people. The ratio of women to men was 4:6 and the average age was 32.5. In accordance with labor laws, we guarantee workers’ rights, working conditions comply with labor regulations:

  • Do not employ child laborers (16 years of age or younger).
  • Employ 32 physically/mentally disabled people according to different types of work, making up 1% of all employees in its Taiwan subsidiaries, 0.45% of all the employees around the world.
  • Racial Diversity: we have 15 indigenous employees(8 male employees & 7 female employees)
  • National Diversity: including Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, etc.

We offer complete and competitive salary packages and performance-linked bonuses. Moreover, we regularly commission a professional management consulting company to conduct financial industry salary surveys and we adjust salaries accordingly. For example, according to one report, our new hires with two areas of specialization earned approximately 1.76 times the average basic monthly salary.