In 2020, the COVID 19 epidemic had a huge impact on the world, however, Chailease Holding responded immediately, boasting steady performance and positive growth as a result. It also received external recognition in environmental , social, and corporate governance (ESG). For example, it was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, and Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index for the first time in 2020. It also received the Industry Mover of the global integrated financial services industry in the 2021 Sustainability Yearbook of S&P Global Inc.

Chailease Holding was selected as a constituent stock of the Morgan Stanley (MSCI) Global Sustainability Index for the 6th year in row, ranked among the top 20 international brands in Taiwan for the 7th year in row, and selected as a top 5% company in the corporate governance evaluation of Taiwan listed counters for the 6th consecutive year, was listed in FTSE4Good Index constituent stocks for the 2nd consecutive year, and the Corporate Governance 100 Index.

We Keep Moving Forward

Based on its corporate philosophy of “Value, Growth, Integrity, and Discipline”, Chailease Holding has developed “Corporate Governance-Implementation of Sustainable Operation”, “Customer Service-Innovation Value Creates a Win-Win Situation”, “Employee Care-Lifelong Learning that Promote Growth”, “Environmental Protection-Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Goal that Promote Green Energy”, “Social Participation-Charity and Charity Reward”. It employs these five principles to incorporate the Company’s sustainable actions into its management and operations, giving play to the Company’s sustainable values.

In 2013, we form the corporate social responsibility working group to incorporate human resources, legal affairs, auditing, general affairs administration, risk review, business planning, foundations, and public relations. In 2014, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was established. In 2015, it was renamed the Corporate Governance and Integrity Management Committee. In 2018, it was upgraded to the functional committee of the board of directors, named the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee. In 2020, ESG and corporate governance groups were set up under it to enhance execution and stimulate creativity.

This year’s CSR report refers to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, integrated international standards, combines various aspects of ESG information, meets the information needs of stakeholders, and more comprehensively demonstrates long-term performance and results.

Green Energy Products   Innovative Value

Chailease Holding is committed to reducing the impact of corporate operations on the environment and continues to invest in environmental management (ISO 14001), energy management (ISO 50001) and greenhouse gas inventory (ISO 14064-1). In 2020, it signed a TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related) Financial Disclosures to become a supporter of climate-related financial disclosures. Chailease Holding identifies possible risks and opportunities for climate change, based on the framework of the proposal, to strengthen climate change governance.

Chailease Holding has also put its sustainable business model to good use, supporting green energy and low carbon with action. Since 2015, the Company has invested in solar power plants and has 2,231 solar power plants, ranking first in the comprehensive list of solar downstream system vendors in Taiwan. The solar power plants produce 663.78MW (million watts), an increase of about 34% compared to 2019. It is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 440,114 metric tons each year. The “National Power Plant”, which the Company invited the public to participate in, has promoted the popularization of renewable energy. It has successfully launched 18 projects, selling 13,228 solar panels, and generating an estimated 97,811,124 kWh within 20 years.

Chailease Holding has also leveraged its role in the financial leasing industry to provide NT$2.05 billion in financing for energy-saving equipment. The Company launched the “5871 Business Trader Platform” website to provide matchmaking for used equipment. In 2020, 290 suppliers listed used equipment to reduce waste. Chailease Holding provides “Chailease 0card” installment service that encourages paperless payment, saving more than 6 million sheets of paper and reducing tree felling.

Working Together   Caring for Society

In order to create a workplace that is friendly to pregnant mothers and to promote a work-family balance, it increased the number of days for maternity leave, paternity leave, and family care leave in 2020. It also offers the “Chailease Best Wishes for Baby Red Envelopes” to encourage childbirth and the nurturing of our next generation. The Company relaxed requirements for employee shareholding trust applications and set up a dedicated “gender equality work group” to promote gender equality issues and prevent workplace violence. In addition, an occupational safety and health management system (ISO 45001) has been introduced to implement workplace safety and health management to ensure the safety of employees.

Chailease Holding invites partners and suppliers to participate in and leverage the power of our industry chain. In 2014, we formulated the “Supplier Social Responsibility Code”. The “Supplier Code of Conduct” was added in 2015, and, in 2020, we strengthened the implementation of contractor safety and health education and training. For solar energy contractors, we organized 433 training and counseling sessions on safety and health. A total of 3,679 contractor workers were trained, creating a healthy and safe environment and reduce workplace hazards and risks.

We have long given back to society. In 2004, we established the Chailease Foundation with a focus on “career-adaptive development” to assist children and young people in exploring career directions. We also established the Chailease Enterprise Badminton Team in 2015 to provide systematized and professional training. We brought resources into the community and arranged team coaches and players to teach elementary school children. In 2015, the “I’m Ready Chailease Volunteer Club” was established to promote voluntary services and combine organizational manpower, assisting local, small and medium-sized social welfare organizations to implement multiple public welfare activities. A total of 108 events have been held by 2020.

Corporate Governance Sustainable Management

In 2020, the Corporate Governance Association was appointed to evaluate the effectiveness of the board of directors, including eight aspects of board composition, supervision, internal control and risk management, to enhance the functions of the board of directors and strengthen the effectiveness of the board of directors. It also added a personal data protection management policy and revised the integrity management codes, integrity management operating procedures and behavior guidelines, and corporate governance practices codes. The Company also comprehensively implemented employee online training courses, such as integrity management, behavior guidelines education and training, and money laundering prevention and control. 2,300 people participated.

In accordance with the “Implementation Measures for the Internal Controls and Auditing System for Preventing Money Laundering and Combating Capital Terrorism in the Handling of Financial Leasing Business” issued by the Financial Supervision and Administration Commission, new assessment points for preventing money laundering and combating capital terrorism have been added to integrate the prevention and control of money laundering and financial terrorism. It built an anti-money laundering management system and produced an institutional risk assessment report to ensure effective implementation of anti-money laundering operations.

We have responded to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, follow the international sustainability standard GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and various evaluations at home and abroad, and understand the expectations of stakeholders. To operate sustainably, we are committed to sustainable development, integrating corporate resources, exerting social responsibilities, and expanding our influence to move the world toward a better future together.