Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee

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(1)Executive Chairman
Fong-Long Chen
Master of Science, Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA

(2)Independent Director
Steven Jeremy Goodman
MBA from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Law Degree LLB from Manchester University, England
Passed the Solicitors Finals Examinations from the College of Law, Law Society of England and Wales (with Honours)
Passed the Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination, Hong Kong Law Society

(3)Independent Director
Ching Shui Tsou
Master in Economics, Soochow University, Taiwan

Internal Policies Amended in 2020

Projects Undertaken in 2020

Statement of Integrity Statements

The Company and its subsidiaries require their senior management to issue a statement of Integrity Statements. This Statement will serve as a necessary document for the inauguration of new senior management, in order to actively implement the commitment to the integrity management policy.