As of May 30th , 2021

No. 362, Rueiguang Road., Neihu Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

Key People

Andre J.L. Koo

Honorary Chairman

Industry Experience: 21+ years

MBA, Leonard N., Stern School of Business, NYU, USA

Fong-Long Chen


Industry Experience: 41+ years

Master of Business Administration, Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA

Wen-Cheng Chen

Finance and Accounting Officer

Industry Experience: 34+ years

Bachelor of Economics, National Chung Hsing University

Ming-Ching Hou

President of Chailease Finance (Taiwan operation)

Industry Experience: 39+ years

Bachelor of Statistics,
National Cheng Kung University

Kuen-Ming Chen

President of Chailease International Finance
(China operation)

Industry Experience : 28+ years

Bachelor of Accounting,
National Chung Hsing University

Ying-Chin Liao

Chief Strategy Officer

Industry Experience: 15+ years

Ph. D. Program, Harvard University, USA

Board Members, 9 seats with 3 independent directors: Fong-Long Chen, Andre J.L. Koo, Chee Wee Goh, Hsiu Tze Cheng, King Wai Alfred Wong, Chih Yang Chen, Steven Jeremy Goodman (Independent), Ching-Shui Tsou (Independent), Casey K. Tung (Independent)


Total Employee: around


Sales Officer : 3,693
Credit Officer : 1,230

Financial Highlights

  FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018
Revenue (NT$ Mn) 58,478 59,132 50,473
Total Assets (NT$ Mn) 593,324 497,338 400,378
Net Profit (NT$ Mn) 16,857 15,469 13,369
Retroactively Adjusted
12.20 11.65 10.07
ROE (%) 20.4 24.0 23.0
Dividend Per Share (NT$) 5.5 5.0 4.5

Group profit breakdown (FY 2020)

Group portfolio breakdown (FY 2020)

Core Products

Equipment and
automobile Leasing


Account Receivable


Outstanding Achievements

Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020
( MOEA& Interbrand) of US$242 million Brand value

FTSE TWSE Taiwan 50 index
( Effective March 19th, 2018)

Top 5% in TWSE Corporate Governance 2020
(Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Evaluation)

Global Sustainability Indexes

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
(DJSI World & DJSI Emerging Markets)

Company Highlights

Leading Taiwan-based Finance Company

Over 44 Years of Experience & In-depth Knowledge Of SME Financing

Prudent Risk Management With Proved Track Records

Strong competitive position in the fast growing PRC leasing market

Growth Strategy

Positioned as a Multi Financing Service Provider To SMEs

Taiwan Serves as a Product and HR Development Center

Continue to Develop Niche Markets




Depositary Bank:

Share Details & Market Cap.

  • Listing Taiwan TWSE (Ticker: 5871)
  • GDR ISIN Code: US1574602058/US1574601068
  • Market Cap: Approx NTD 288bn (as of 29 May 2021)
  • Common shares 1,381.3M ; Preferred shares 150M

Our Markets


Investor Relations Contact: IR@Chailease.com.tw