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Anti-Fraud Statement of Chailease Holding

E-mail scams are common online fraud tactics in which scammers fake and modify e-mail addresses that are similar to businesses and customers to send mails to defraud users' personal private information (such as ID card numbers, bank account numbers, credit cards Number or password, etc.) or requesting remittance to a designated account. Recently, some scammers used e-mail addresses similar to Chailease Holding (the “Company”) and its affiliates’ to conduct such frauds. When receiving unknown e-mails or having any questions about the received emails, the Company recommends you to seek assistance from the R.O.C. anti-fraud hotline 165 of the Police Department or from the competent authority of your location, or contact the company and its affiliates directly. (The contact information may be found on the Company’s official website>About Us>International Network page.) Do not follow the instruction from the voice, text or email messages or call back, thank you!

Official Website of the Company and Affiliated Companies

Chailease Holding: http://www.chaileaseholding.com/
Chailease Finance Co., Ltd.: https://www.chailease.com.tw/
Fina Finance & Trading Co., Ltd.: http://www.finatrade.com.tw/
Chailease Consumer Finance Co. Ltd.: http://www.ezfund.com.tw/
Chailease Auto Rental Co., Ltd.: https://www.rentalcar.com.tw/
Chailease Energy Integration Co., Ltd.: https://www.finmart.com.tw/
Chailease Foundation: http://www.chailease.org.tw/