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In order to establish a good corporate governance system and implement the monitoring and elimination of suspected misconduct and violation of code of conduct, we provide this Whistleblower Incident Report section for all employees, clients, suppliers and contractors of Chailease Holding Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“Chailease Group”) to report any incident relating to unlawful conducts, financial malpractice, violation of internal policies and unethical business conducts. Related reporting information and details are specified below.

Any employee, client, supplier and contractor of Chailease Group is encouraged to report to us at all times via the following channels upon detecting any director, manager or employee of Chailease Group involving or engaging in any suspected misconduct and violation of code of conduct. The informer needs to specify his/her identity, briefly summarize the fact of suspected misconduct or violation of code of conduct and submit relevant evidence for our further investigation.

Report Suspected Misconduct to:
  Tel: (886-2)8752-6388 Ext. 76281 (886-2)8751-9419
  E-Mail: Anti_Fraud@chailease.com.tw
  Mailing Address: No. 362, Rueiguang Rd., Taipei, Taiwan   11492
  Internal Audit Officer of Chailease Holding Company Limited

Report Violation of Code of Conduct to:
  Tel: (886-2)8752-6388 Ext. 76280
  Email: HR@chailease.com.tw
  Mailing Address: No. 362, Rueiguang Rd., Taipei, Taiwan   11492
  Chief Human Resource Officer of Chailease Holding Company   Limited

*To protect the informer, the identity, position and address of the informer will be kept in strict confidentiality after the report has been accepted by the relevant unit-in-charge. The documents and files of each reported incident will be classified as highly confidential and kept in accordance with our internal confidentiality policies.*