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[2021/05/11]   Fraund and Scam Notices
Dear Customers, We recently received reports about scam email by our customers in which the repayment notice was fabricated by fraud perpetrators. In order to prevent any new digital fraud, kindly be cautious about the following patterns which may indicate the message or email you receive is a fraud message. 1. An email domain is not “@chailease.com.tw” Please note that our email always comes after the @chailease.com.tw. Any email comes from different domain such as @chailease-tw.com is not sent by us. Should you receive email sent from the domain other than “@chailease.com.tw,” please report to us. 2. Suspicious telephone calls or text message The fraud perpetrators will tamper with telecommunication data, change caller ID, or send text messages. If you receive suspicious telephone calls or text message or emails, please verify with Chailease immediately, and necessary assistance will be provided to you. If you have any question or potential fraudulent events to report, please contact us through the contact detail below. 【Ship Finance】 Contact Person: Jane Lee Phone Number: +886 2 87526388 Ext. 72268 Email Address: janelee@chailease.com.tw 【Aircraft Finance】 Contact Person: Hunto Chang Phone Number: +886 2 87526388 Ext. 72285 Email Address: huntochang@chailease.com.tw